Duplex Sans (...)Specimen available on request.
Printed Pages Spring 2014
Printed Pages Winter 2013 (...)In collaboration with Joseph Burrin.
Printed Pages Autumn 2013 (...)Issue three of Printed Pages(84pp 275 × 200mm) features interviews with legendary graphic designer Seymour Chwast on his years of experience and lesser-known Belgian illustrator Jan Van Der Veken, looking at the unstoppable rise of his career over the past decade. We tracked down a whole host of Brazilian creatives to find out what makes it such an exciting place for designers, musicians and advertisers alike and pinned down the elusive Katharina Grosse to talk about her unconventional painting practice. In collaboration with Joseph Burrin.
Printed Pages Summer 2013 (...)Issue two of Printed Pages (84pp 275 × 200mm) is an packed publication full to bursting with interviews, features and specially-commissioned creative work. Once again we sat down with creatives at the top of their game like photographer Nadav Kander and artist Geoff McFetridge. We asked three of the magazine industry's top design talents to tell us about the titles which first inspired them. In collaboration with Joseph Burrin.
Printed Pages Spring 2013 (...)Issue one of Printed Pages (84pp 275 × 200mm) features interviews with Chris Ware on his storytelling process; Apartamento founder, Omar Sosa; and many others. Of interest is a profile with Jon Goode, illustrator of Guess Who? and My Little Pony. In collaboration with Joseph Burrin.
Blåkulla Serif (...)Specimen available on request.
Dario Fusnecher, Identity (...)Working closely with Dario we set out on the creative process with the idea of creating a minimal identity. A flexible typographic identity was designed, a frame that dynamically scales for different sized applications symbolizing the digital canvas and the camera viewfinder.
Hurry Up & Wait, Catalogue (26pp 1800 × 210mm)
Hurry Up & Wait (...)Exhibition for Chad Moore and Pete Voelker. Over 50 images from each photographer, capturing the most subtle and intimate moments of their fast paced lives in New York City. Elements included a 192 page cloth‑bound book, private view invites and a exhibition catalogue. Pictures from B RAD Magazine.
Coca-Cola Music, Global Identity (...)The new dynamic identity system embraces the vitality of music and reinvents itself time and time again to serve the multitude of events across difcferent markets. This is the brand’s first-ever VIS to incorporate digital technology and motion. At the core of the system is a reactive application developed to create dynamic sound signatures. The app is built around the iconic contour bottle and generates bubbles that emanate from the bottle as if they were sound waves. The unique sound signatures can be generated from any music track to create limitless versions of the logo, each with its own distinct energy. Elements included a (348pp 168 x 237.5 mm) guideline, typeface, icons, packaging, photography, out of home and point of sale.
Dynamic Logo Application (Mac OS X)
330ml Music Cans (...)The work was picked up by over 175 markets Globally (a record for any Global VIS) and led to a new brief to redesign the Diet Coke.
Coca-Cola Music, Image Series #1
Rebuild The Philippines (...)The poster was designed for the Art Filipin auction for the displaced people of the Philippines. Auction hosted by We Are Pi.
Rima Freeman, Lookbook (16pp 353 × 250mm)
Rima Freeman, Identity (...)Rima Freeman recreates, repurposes and recombines vintage and deadstock garments and fabrics to create exciting new designs. The visual identity for the brand was based upon the idea of recycling and slowing down.
Rima Freeman, Ode To Slow (...)When was it that you took the time to let it all sink in last? Walking to the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Closing your eyes, breathing deeper and slowing down. The world moves fast but do we have to follow its pace? They say time is money, but really time is life itself. Time spent thinking about what will be instead of what is, is time squandered. Slowing down and giving your own self undivided attention. Taking time to savior each instant, the way you would appreciate morning coffee. Aimlessly wandering the streets instead of walking them. Letting the raindrops fall on your visage. Inhaling as if each of your breaths could be the last. Living in the moment, being in the moment. Slow down not to let your life pass you by. Directed by Camille Herren.
Nike Hyperfuse, Post Production & VFX
Gutts, Identity (...)I was commissioned to redesign the identity of Gutts a company who creates fuel from vegetation. The circle being the starting point of all energy, it became the centerpiece of the visual language. By combinding the sound of the roaring engine, one of the most beloved aspects of motorsport. The circle became a tool to generate visual content for any medium selected with feeling of speed and energy.
Heineken Champions League (Proposal Identity)
Beeline Livefull, Post Production & VFX
Heineken Legendary Poster, Animation
Heineken, Print Campaigns (...)➊ Share a Heineken was developed as a campaign to celebrate the cheering moment.
➋ Light refractions through glass and crystals to highlight the product’s ability to exist right at the edge of a multiverse of magical experience. A clear product benefit that allows the drinker to experience levity, freedom of choice, unencumbered mobility and grace.
W+K Amsterdam, Website (...)Front-End development by Random Studio
Showreel MMXIV

Philip Cronerud (Sweden, b.1988) is an interdisciplinary designer at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam since 2011. Working with graphic design and art direction for internet and printed matter. His experience goes from small edition book design to global branding projects. Always open to any meaningful collaboration.

Graduated with honors from Berghs School of Design 2009–2011, Werkplaats Typografie Summer Program with Karel Martens, Maureen Mooren, Armand Mevis, Leonardo Sonnoli.

Clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, Heineken, EYE Film Museum, CITIZEN®, Nuit Blanche, Beeline, Booking.com, FIFA 14.

Honorable mention from Magpile for the best magazine launched during 2013, Printed Pages.

D&AD In-Book 2014, Printed Pages.

Work also featured on Creative Review, The dieline, Fubiz, The FWA, Complex, Selectism, Magculture, Siiimple, Typewolf, Creativity-Online.

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