Working at Apple on the Global Design Team

I’ve been working for Apple’s design team since Sept 2015.   For more information, please contact me.

iPhone 7 Launch

For more information, please contact me.

HomePod Launch

For more information, please contact me.

Stedelijk Museum

Identity, campaign and exhibition for the permanent archive of the Stedelijk together with Bas Koopmans.

Stedelijk Museum TVC

Awarded one of The Best Dutch Books of 2017

Typography for Thomas Manneke with van Lennep. The Dutch Best Verzorgde Boeken is the oldest contest of its kind in Europe. Stedelijk has displayed the exhibition every year since 1932. 306 × 306 mm, 84 s. / pp. Printed in Netherlands

Pitch Festival Amsterdam

Pitch is a two day contemporary music festival mixes live bands, DJ sets alongside stimulating visuals into an eclectic festival experience. Campaign together with Bas Koopmans.

Pitch Festival Amsterdam TVC

Concept development on Wales Sans

Nominated for the Design of the Year award, organised by the Design Museum in London 2017 in collaboration with Smörgåsbord and Joe Burrin. Looking to the history of the land itself, we took cues from Celtic and Gaelic typographies to inform several of the consonants, taking special care not to wander into the territory of pastiche. For more information, contact me.

Audi TT Global

The campaign captures the daring nature of buying a car designed without any concessions to practicalities. This machine is made purely for driving and only a certain kind of driver need apply. Creative direction Craig T Williams / Photographed by Greg White and features CGI of Framestore.



Identity and Art Direction for Nicholas together with studioFRONTdesk!

Launch of new website for Sarah McGinity

Includes the design and production of stationery, website and printed matter.  Sarah McGinity is a London based artist.  She exhibits in some of the greatest Museums across Europe with many of the best figurative artists in the world.

Heineken® Desperados Campaign

With Way of the Desperados we turned Desperados’ visual language upside down.  The work was picked up by over 84 markets.  Photographed by Cheryl Dunn, Typography by Letman.

Printed Pages S/S

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Burrin.


Commissioned for the Spring issue of Printed Pages Magazine.  Bruno Drummond and Gemma Tickle explored how different dynamic forms can be expressed visually, creating images that encompass extreme velocity.

Babinet’s Playground

Based on Babinet's Theory of diffraction patterns, this series of photographs delve into the curiosity of light and its play on materials and form.  Photography by Kate Jackling.

Recently Rejected

Graveyard of unfinished, unpolished, unused, and unseen.

Printed Pages Winter 2014

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Burrin.

Printed Pages Autumn 2014

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Burrin.

Printed Pages Summer 2014

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Burrin.

Printed Pages Spring 2014

Designed in collaboration with Joseph Burrin.

Printed Pages Spring 2013

Printed Pages Summer 2013

Printed Pages Autumn 2013

Printed Pages Winter 2013

Coca-Cola Music Identity System

Coca-Cola needed to be made more relevant to modern teens. The solution was to create an identity with a logo that reflects the ever-changing nature of the audience. The work was picked up by over 175 markets Globally and led to redesigning the Diet Coke brand.

Coca-Cola Music Brand-guidelines

Coca-Cola Music Packaging

Coca-Cola Music Lifestyle

Citizen® Watches

The rebrand was picked up by all markets globally.

Citizen® Watches Campaign

Chad Moore

Website and Identity for Chad Moore.

June by Chad Moore

Publication for Chad Moore.  Photographs organized by color creating a subtle gradient.  Published by Objectify NYC 2015 / edition of 1000.

Hurry Up & Wait

Identity, printed matter and publication for Chad Moore and Pete Voelker first European exhibition.   A collection of over 50 images, capturing the most subtle and intimate moments of their New York lives.


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Special thanks to.

Joe Burrin, Anthony Fabre, Gabrielle Pauty, Bas Koopmans.